28″ Dust-proof Travel Luggage Protection Cover Trolley Suitcase Bag

New and Delivery in 2-4 weeks.
Material : Non-woven fabrics
Size : 51cm x 30cm x 63cm(L*W*H)

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Descriptions : 28″ Mud-evidence Trip Baggage Coverage Duvet Trolley Suitcase Bag Protects, secures and identifies your Baggage. Gives you a easy, value-efficient approach to offer protection to your Baggage from the standard put on and tear that happens any time your Baggage is from your arms; all over air Trip, cruises, and cab rides. Grease stains, scratches, scrapes, spills: Baggage Offer protection to. Assists in keeping those unsightly scars clear of the material of your Baggage so it keeps its attractiveness, regardless of consistent Trip. Baggage Offer protection to is not a brief-time period repair. It is a long term answer. It is also the easiest solution to stay your Baggage in mint situation even as in garage. Specification : Colours: Rose pink,Espresso Subject material:Non-woven materials Tridimensional Dimension:51cm x 30cm x 63cm(L*W*H) Package deal Contains : 1 x Baggage Duvet (NOT together with Baggage/Suitcase)
New and Supply in 2-four weeks.
Subject material : Non-woven materials
Dimension : 51cm x 30cm x 63cm(L*W*H)
Colour: Rose pink
Package deal incorporated : 1 x Baggage Duvet (NOT together with Baggage/Suitcase)

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