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Advent Basics™ Duck Family Baby Bathing Toys Set Of 4 Yellow Rubber Squeaky Squeeze Lovely Ducklings

This set contains 4 squeezing ducks 1 big and 3 baby ducks
Ducky Set is a cool Bath toy for kids! If you squeeze it makes sound
Floats in bath tub without leaking!

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Brand : Introduction Fundamentals™

Color : Yellow

About This Product :
Lovely Child Tub Bathing Toys Yellow Rubber Squeaky Geese Ducklings Circle of relatives. Those Tub Toys will make Tub time extra amusing to your baby within the bathtub. It is completely sized for little Palms to seize and squirt.
Pack comprises : Set of 4 duck Tub toys (1 large and 3 small Child Geese) Characters be offering quite a few colors and textures Sized for little Palms to seize and squirt Very best for Tub time and make sound whilst you squeeze their frame

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This set incorporates 4 squeezing Geese 1 large and 3 Child Geese
Ducky Set is a groovy Tub toy for youngsters! In the event you squeeze it makes sound
Floats in Tub bathtub with out leaking!
Allow your Child experience even as bathing with this little ducky Geese!
Mom Duck : 13 cm x 9 cm x 8 cm (approx) Child Duck : 4 cm x 4.5 cm x 4 cm (approx)

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